Pink (2 Pink, it was created in 2004, for late teen to college age women. Selling them underwear, pajama's, beauty products, and for going out to the cafe or mess hall.

Yoga pants and shorts Edit

One of Pink's most poplular selling iteam is there yoga pants to college girls.Yoga pant are ment for them go on jogs and yoga (of corse). Yet also ment for studing late nights, or hangging out at a friends dorm room. Others also use it to roam around campus chatting and looking for friends too.


Hoodies and PulloversEdit

The hoodies are used for cold days going to class or going out for a drink or two. Then the pullovers are used for jogs on cooled days. Yet also use for going to class. Also if not for college sudents, of teen or women that want to go out for something.. Or pick up someone.

Tee's and TanksEdit

Tee's and Tanks were meant for lounging around or  for  going  out  on hot  summer  days .You  can even  sleep  in them  becuase they`re  so  comfy and   soft .